Just 12 short months until the next Riverfest on Bank Holiday Saturday 26 May 2018 so fundraising is on our minds.

We are going to reach out to some local firms for sponsorship and there are several grants around that might be relevant to us. We also have some cool ideas for fundraising events and activities so we can have a good time while parting you from your cash!

In the mean time why not use the donate button here to drop us a few quid to help get the fundraising ball rolling? If everyone who came to Riverfest17 gave us just £1, we would have almost 50% of the budget in the kitty already!


Riverfest benefited from a wealth of kindness and support from hundreds of people local sharing their time, resources and expertise. If we had paid everyone a proper wage for the work they did, we calculate we could easily have spent £25,000 to make Riverfest happen. We did it on just £8,500 which we secured from Big Lottery’s ‘Celebrate’ fund.

Here’s the breakdown of how we spent the money in 2017

60% infrastructure – hiring the big marquee, the toilets, stage, generator etc

30% festival activities – expenses for some performers and people who ran activities. No one charged commercial rates. Most people came for free.

6% promotion – producing posters and flyers. The design and artwork was free. All the online work was done for free. 

4% admin – the fee for the licence, fee to Southampton City Council for using the park.

2% health and safety – fire equipment, high vis jackets etc…all the things we had to provide to run a safe and happy event.

2% community engagement – the meetings where we talked to the local community about Riverfest to get everyone involved.

It’s obvious where the big money goes – and we can’t run the day without spending the money.

Please donate today if you can.

£5 gets us a box of medical gloves for the first aid tent

£10 buys cleaning materials to keep the portaloos clean

£25 pays for all the bin bags we need

£50 pays to hire a room for a community planning meeting

£250 pays a professional local performer to come and entertain us

£500 gets us a main stage PA & sound tech for the day

£1500 rents the stage for the day

£3000 hires us a big marquee for the day

If you dont have cash to spare, you can still provide solid help by donating time to Riverfest. Drop us an email to and we can talk about how you can get stuck in.