From our police 

A message from Southampton police in the light of events in Manchester;

Dear all,

 As you are all now aware, the Prime Minister announced last night that the UK threat level from international terrorism is now Critical following the attack in Manchester on Monday 22 May.

 You may see extra armed and un-armed officers at shopping centres and transport hubs and may feel concerned about what that means for Southampton. We want to reassure you that this extra visibility is a well-rehearsed, national response to the threat level rising. Remain vigilant, be alert but not alarmed and report any suspicious activity.

 We know that Southampton has some large scale events coming up. We want to reassure you that officers from event planning teams and protective security experts will be working with event organisers to ensure that venues have appropriate security measures in place. 

 Terrorists want to create discord, distrust and to create fear. We stand together with all communities and we will take action against any criminal behaviour which seeks to undermine society, especially where crimes are motivated by hate.

 Acts of terrorism and hate crimes are committed by a small minority of people and are not representative of the public. This is a time for us all to work closely together and unite against those who seek, through violence and extremism, to intimidate or cause fear.

More than ever in these uncertain times we want those who are victims of hate crime to feel confident in the belief that we’ll take your reports seriously, protect you and make sure you get all the support you need.

 Please raise any concerns you have with us at the earliest opportunity.”


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