Line Up

From Midi Moths, who “create inner and outer landscapes full of unexpected habitats – dark rooted bass driven sonic electronica of past and future present”, to the haunting harmonies of The Chateau Bateau Band, and Ferry Tales “travelling through poetry, pictures and song”, many acts on the High Tide Stage, reflect the theme of what’s shaping up to be an inspiring and ambitious event.

20.10 Midi Moths

19.25 Lucas and King 

18.40 Fragile Lucy

18.00 Deadhounds

17.20 Vincent Kellett

16.40 The Beehive

16.00 Lucy Kitchen

15.20 The Chateau Bateau Band

14.40 Daisy Bowman

14.00 Difference Engine

13.20 Catherine Eliza Tarrant

12.40 Brian Hooper

12.00 Flying Alexanders

11.20 Taylor’s Mistake – Bitterne Park guitar duo

10.40 Ferry Tales

10.00 Straight to Cake

in the Bitterne Park Social Club you can take a seat and enjoy these great local bands doing their thing

14.00 Sombrero Fallout

13.00 Gypsy Tree 

12.00 The Guvnas

Bands and other performers out and about in the park

11:00 Southampton Ukulele Jam


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