Proofreaders wanted

So this is the Riverfest flyer artwork for proofreading. PLEASE DONT SHARE AS THIS IS STILL BEING FINALISED. 

Its a A4 folded to A5 – so like a little booklet. The front is like the poster. The centre pages are the map with the strip of info down the side and the pink page goes on the back. THE INFO IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE – more stuff is being added all the time, so dont be surprised if the final has differences from the pages shown here. 


3 thoughts on “Proofreaders wanted

  1. Just a couple I’ve spotted straight away. Picnicking has a ‘K’ in it, and in the boat club section it says “have a god” x

  2. Also in the ‘what’s on’ section I’d put full stops instead of commas, or its a very long sentence. X

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