What do you think of the blurb?

One of our community questions asked the Riverfesters on Facebook what info MUST go in the flyer for the day. Syd suggested that we should include a para about why we have made the festival. He’s right of course – it’s obvious to those of us involved, but  (hopefully) there will be people there on the day who will not have come across any of us in real life to ask us why we took on this madness!

There’s not much space, so it’s a tough call to put all the ideas into a paragraph. Here’s the most recent effort. 

What do you think? 

In Autumn 2016, a few local friends had the idea for a community day to celebrate the River Itchen as it flows through Southampton. We held an open meeting where we met more than 50 people who share our watery enthusiasm. Together we chose six themes to represent all the ways we meet & interact with the water: ACTIVE, GREEN, CALM, FAMILY, HISTORY & CREATIVE. This set us on the path to connect with the local people & organisations you will meet at Riverfest. We are very grateful to them all. We hope Riverfest will inspire you to say thank you to the Itchen next time you see it for silently connecting & sustaining us & our city over thousands of years as we go about our busy lives.


One thought on “What do you think of the blurb?

  1. Throughout the year I walk dogs through Riverside, I love to see the changing off the seasons and the wildlife including the occasional seal. If ever you need a pick me up then a walk through the park is just the thing. I’m thankful for having such a lovely park on my doorstep.

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