Festival Planning Geekery

There doesn’t seem to be a how to guide for this stuff, so we are making it up as we go along. Common sense and spreadsheets are helping. 

Stella from the SCC Events Team pointed us to this very useful scale map on the council website. Today we are locking down exactly how much of our precious cash we have to spend on marquees. Its a juggling act between what people have asked for and what we can afford.

This is a pass at capacity; working on the basis that 10 people take 3m x 3m of space, and that 150 bodies are stall holders/band members etc, that gives us a capacity of around  1450 people at a time in this section of the park. 

Of course there are other spaces where things are happening; St Denys Boat Club, Woodmill and Bitterne Park Social Club for example, which will distribute people around. 

For us organisers, this maths is comforting as it confirms we can fit everything in with plenty of room for Riverfesters themselves!

Now – marquees. 

Chews pencil and stares at calculator 


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