A new poem for Riverfest

Poet Megan Merman who loves the river as much as we do sent us this – and kindly allowed us to share it with you. You can find her on Facebook and she will be with us on 27 May with more of her river-inspired writing. 

Megan says “A new poem for Riverfest. this one is inspired by the ancient celtic belief in interconnectedness, which, i think, really speaks to the way the day is trying to reconnect people with the river. the river is life, so we are the river 🙂 in fact i might call this We Are The River”

I am the River’s texture,

I am her magnificent roar,

I am her neighbouring pasture,

I am her troubador,

I am the magic of her motion,

I am the power of her sound,

I am the stream and the ocean,

I am the spray that surrounds.
I am the seismic current of water,

I am the surface sheen,

I am the river’s daughter,

I am wherever she has been,

I am the boats that saunter,

I am the otters who swim,

I am the roots of the river,

Most cherishable of things.


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