Riverfest Tree Decorators Info Sheet

We have put together a one sheet of info for everyone who wants to decorate one of our  trees at the main Riverfest site. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE – or just read on 

The main focus of the Riverfest day will be on the field nearest Cobden Bridge, Bitterne Park. This is where our music stage and refreshments will be, as well as other stalls and activities for visitors.

We would like you to help us decorate the trunks of some of the biggest trees around this area. We have called it “bunting”, but don’t let that stop you using your imagination. Anything we can wrap around the trunk is what we are after. We would like you to make bunting at least 30m in length plus 3m of extra tape at each end to tie – and it can take any shape or form you like!

Each decorated tree will be given a name inspired by your design, and we will use these as location names for our activities on the day. E.G. “Story time for toddlers is at 2pm by the SEAGULL tree” 
We will give you 

  • A 50m roll of 2.5cm wide cotton tape
  • Access to Southampton Scrap Store where you can get an amazing array of materials to create with – FREE!
  • Help to transport and install your finished bunting in Riverside Park on Riverfest day – 27 May 2017

How to design your bunting – some things to think about

  • Take the River as your inspiration for your “flags”: that might be the water, birds, weather, boats, or maybe something more abstract like sounds or smells.
  • Are you going to make repeat flags or random creations?
  • Use bright, cheerful colours that will contrast with the tree trunk for the best effect. Shiny things will twinkle in the sun!
  • Long flags will flutter in the wind like streamers – pretty!
  • Your flags don’t have to be flat – how about using plastic bottles or yoghurt pots?
  • How will you attach the flags to the tape – tied, sewn, glued or stapled?
  • No fairy lights or candles please
  • How many of your flags do you need to make to fill 30m of tape? Plan for a space of no more than about 20cm between big flags and about 10cm between small flags so the bunting is really exciting to look at. 

You are welcome to take home your bunting after the festival if you would like to, or we will pass it on to the Pumpkin Festival at Royal Victoria Park for them to use later this year. 


  1. Sign up to decorate a tree: last sign up Sunday 16 April 2017
  2. Confirm your tree name inspired by your theme: Sunday 16 April 2017
  3. Finished bunting ready for collection: Monday 22 May 2017


If you would like to decorate a tree, Email Riverfest HQ HERE TODAY to tell us. We will make arrangements to get your materials to you – and you are ready to go!


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