Decorate a Tree for Riverfest

We want to see the trees around our Riverfest site decorated for the day – and we would like to invite YOU to decorate them with bunting of your own design which we can wrap round the trunks.

You will get some amazing scrap materials to use via the Southampton Scrap Store (very near Riverside Park on the industrial estate behind the Immaculate Conception Church) and lots of cotton tape. You can tie, sew, staple or glue things on. 

Your bunting should be inspired by our river – but that could mean many things. You might be inspired by the water, the birds, local plant life, boats, or even sounds and smells! 

We have 6 main trees to decorate. Each tree needs around 30 metres of bunting to do it justice.

We would also like you to Name Your Tree – a simple one word name that suits your bunting design which we will use to signpost visitors around the different events on the site on Riverfest Day. 

We will install the bunting for you so we can safely get it high up the trunk – and we will take it down again at the end of the day. If you would like we can return your bunting to you if you would like to use it again, or it will go to the scrap store for them to pass on. 

Fancy it? LET’S DO IT! 

Read the full info here > RIVERFEST TREE DECORATING


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