Participant Info Pack

We have written up the info we think Riverfest participants will need: thats activity organisers, stall holders, bands etc – and put them in our Participant Info Pack. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE. There are some important forms we need you to fill in asap so we can secure the right festival insurance and finalise our event permission from the City Council. Complete and return them to RIverfest HQ here. If you print the forms off to fill in by hand, you can send clear photos back to us by email. 


If you would like to bring your river, water or southampton related event to Riverfest, or if you are a local artist who would like to come and celebrate the river with us with your music, poetry or other creativity, you can download the forms too and send them back to us at Our goal is to involve as many people who want to be part of the day as possible. We have the room! 

No time to lose – download the info today! 


4 thoughts on “Participant Info Pack

  1. hi Catherine

    Are these forms for bands which you have already hired to take part, or should bands who wish to put themselves forward for consideration also fill these in?


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