Planning Update 15 March

So much has happened since our community meeting back in Feb. 

  • We have secured our Temporary Event Notice – that means permission form the police, local authority and environmental health to sell alcohol and hold performances of all kinds on the day.
  • We have walked the site with several locals who have events experience. We have made some key decisions about where to locate things like the stage, the loos, the food (not too close together!)
  • We have arranged a cire safety visit with Hants Fire
  • We have liaised with the Parks and Events team at the Vity Council about issues like parking, access, electricity – they are being very supportive!
  • We have booked toilets – yay, Mandi! 
  • We have written a Participants Info Pack for everyone involved on the day. This is an info sheet with stuff about timing, access, parking and so on. It also contains a basic Risk Sssessment form – we need that to get our insurance cover. it also includes a form so partipants can tell us what they are bringing, how kuch space they will need etc. Thats going out in a newsletter today we need it back as soon as possible! 
  • The picture shows the “licensed” area for Riverfest. That’s where we can have alchohol sales and performances. 

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