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On Saturday 27 May 2017 we held a wonderful party for local people to celebrate our River Itchen as it flows through Southampton from Mansbridge before its journey under the Itchen Bridge down to the sea.

Based in St Denys and Bitterne Park, a small group of friends had the idea in 2016 to make a day of music, theatre, science, games, crafts, talks & workshops. We brought together artists, historians and scientists to share their knowledge of the river with us. We wanted to inspire our community to enjoy and protect our river into the future.

The first Riverfest was more successful than we could ever have hoped for. 4,000 local people came together beside the river for a packed day of fun and music. We learned afterwards that local shops and cafes had some of their busiest days ever – the Co op said “it was better than Christmas!”. You can see loads more pictures of the day here 

Encouraged by the success of the first Riverfest and keen to use what we learned to do it even better next time, we committed to Riverfest 2 before Riverfest 1 had even ended. We have a big fundraising mountain to climb – we reckon we need around £10,000 and that work has already started.


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